Valentijn Winkel

Graduated in 1996 in mechanical engineering from the Institute of Technology in Haarlem, then successfully foto_VWiconcluded a postgraduate course in Technical Business Administration at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. I began my professional life at the firm Van Vliet Milieutechnieken en Sloopwerken in Utrecht as head of the business office. I then worked as an International assembly supervisor and assistant project manager. In 2002, I joined ENERCON Benelux as their first local project manager for German wind turbine manufacturer ENERCON GmbH. Since then, I have been active fulltime in the area of sustainable developments and technologies.

Æwind was founded in April 2007. Since that time I have been working as an independent consultant and project manager of wind energy projects.

In recent years, I have acquired a great deal of experience managing small to large wind energy projects. By clicking on the following link, you can find a summary of the relevant projects. Besides providing project management, over the past few years I have increasingly specialised in quality assurance, carrying out quality inspections on wind turbines and asset management. This has enabled me to provide assessments and advice based on my professional expertise. By clicking on the following link, you can find a summary of the quality inspections I have personally conducted.

One of the projects in which Æwind has been involved is the Noordoostpolder wind farm project, currently the biggest wind farm in the Netherlands. Noordoostpolder wind farm is subdivided into the following three wind farms: Westermeerwind nearshore wind farm, NOP Agrowind wind farm and Zuidwester wind farm.

Since 2008, I have been involved in developing and implementing Noordoostpolder wind farm. During the permit application phase, I provided the general technical management for Noordoostpolder wind farm. For Westermeerwind wind park, I was the interim asset manager and wind turbine manager, and I provided technical support during the contract and financing phase for NOP Agrowind wind farm. Since 2012, I am Package Manager Civil Works & Wind turbines for NOP Agrowind wind farm.

Here is a summary of the activities and/or tasks implemented by Æwind for Noordoostpolder wind farm:

  • Drawing up the technical project plan for the Noordermeerdijk and Westermeerdijk onshore wind farms
  • The requisite technical support for the permit procedures (Rijkscoördinatieregeling (National Coordination Scheme) and Rijksinpassingsplan (National Zoning Plan)) such as drawing up work plans, creating layouts and making drawings, determining the wind turbine coordinates, coordinating all field studies, coordinating technical studies related to dyke safety, project risk assessment, etc.
  • Providing support for the set-up of the project organisation onshore and nearshore and drawing up and carrying out various activities required for further structuring and expansion of theDSC00790 requisite project organisation
  • Coordinating and implementing the micrositing process and supervising the wind measuring campaign
  • Wind turbine decision-making process
  • Drawing up the budgets
  • Team member of the contract team for Noordermeerdijk and Westermeerdijk onshore wind farms and Westermeerdijk nearshore wind farm, technical support, assessment and/or drawing up of various contract documents, co-author of the Employer Requirements, document inspection procedures, project planning, assessment of the feasibility of implementation plans, negotiation on the technical availability, Test on Completion processes, etc.
  • Advising on asset management
  • Interim asset manager and wind turbine manager for Westermeerwind wind farm
  • Package Manager Civil Works & Wind turbines for NOP Agrowind wind farm

period: 2007 – 2008

As project manager, responsible for implementing ENERCON wind energy project at Eemshaven, consisting of 64 ENERCON E82-3.0MW wind energy installations.

Summary of the experience acquired and the responsibilities:

  • Implementation and management of orders in SAPDSC09853
  • Drawing up and implementing the project plan and project time schedule
  • Meetings: kick-offs, construction meetings, HSE meetings, etc.
  • Coordinating and/or supporting the principal with all requisite field studies and designs for the project components: foundations, access roads, crane platforms, crane track and other temporary facilities
  • Coordinating all the tendering procedures with the contractors, including contract negotiations and signing the contracts
  • Drawing up and implementing the plans for the temporary facilities: container park, facilities, the port hub, just-in-time delivery concept as well as the assembly and storage areas for the various installation components
  • Drawing up the construction strategy
  • Supporting all the construction teams, particularly the ENERCON teams
  • Budget control and invoice assessment
  • Construction schedule monitoring

Clients: Westereems BV (Essent Wind Nederland), Electrabel Nederland Sales BV, Delta Eemshaven BV and Delta Delfzijl BV

Ballast Nedam Infra
Period: 2006 – 2007

Working in the Offshore energy department in the position of Project Coordinator

Experience obtained in drawing up documents and providing technical assistance/knowhow in tendering for offshore wind energy projects, including: Horns Rev II, Utgrunden II, Testveld Borkum West, Greater Gabbard, Delaware and Rhyl Flates.

Also responsible for implementing various tasks relating to Offshore Energy, for example: R&D projects (We@Sea), PR tasks and development programmes.

Period: 2002 – 2006

As the local project manager, responsible for implementing all ENERCON wind energy projects in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Brief summary of the experience acquired and the responsibilities:

  • Supporting projects during the sales phase: technical support, site assessment, technical contract assessment, drawing up the project plans, drawing up the budgets, placing orders in SAP, etc.
  • Implementing the projects in accordance with the sales contract and project plan: drawing up the project plans, tendering the works, negotiating with the contractors and signing the contracts, monitoring construction and directing the ENERCON construction teams, budget monitoring, overseeing construction schedule, construction meetings, etc.
  • Handing over the projects to the principal and the ENERCON service organisation (EPK) as well as handling after-sales: monitoring handover inspections, drawing up an as-built file, coordinating the outstanding jobs, etc.

Clients: private parties, cooperatives (SvdW, Windstroom, Windunie, etc.), developers (Vleemo, WUR, etc.) power companies (Nuon, Essent, SPE, Electrabel, etc.).

Relevant training and courses

Description Valid Valid until
Working safely at heights and rescue at wind turbines Ascent 1 year November 2015
ENERCON climbing training ENERCON 1 year June 2015
Safety for Operational Supervisor VNL 10 years January 2018
Risk management big projects PAO
Netherlands Electrical mains and mains connections KEMA
FIDIC course: Red, Yellow & Silver Ballast Nedam
Various internal ENERCON safety and project management training programmes and courses 2002 – 2008 ENERCON
Course: Planning implementation of concrete structures BOB opleidingen
Course: Elementary Architecture A BOB opleidingen
3-day training course on Commercial Skills Kenneth Smit Communicatie Trainingen
Communicative Skills Training Programme Kenneth Smit Communicatie Trainingen
Management and Leadership Training Programme Kenneth Smit Communicatie Trainingen
Course: Internal Audits Ten Oever, Huizinga & Partners