Managing a project well, with an abundance of contextual knowledge, is essential for the success of your projects.

Æwind approaches managing a project on a practical, no-nonsense basis, with a high degree of professional expertise. Correctly assessing, recognising and managing the project risks must ensure that the project results are achieved to the satisfaction of all.

Æwind is experienced in managing:

  • the technical side of permit applicationsProjecten
  • micrositing, e.g. handling the wind measuring campaign, wind farm layout,
    yield calculations, etc.
  • the wind turbine selection process
  • grid connection
  • field studies and design of the various project components
  • drawing up specifications for the various project components, such as wind turbines, civil works, electrical work, etc.
  • tendering procedures, contract negotiations and drawing up the contracts for the various project components
  • risk assessment
  • budgeting the wind farm components
  • supervision of the construction work
  • testing and hand-over procedures
  • asset management (technical management)
  • decommissioning a wind turbine or wind farm

Æwind acquired its knowledge and experience in the field by managing many wind energy projects and thus has extensive related expertise. You can consult the reference list using the following link: projects.